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Monday, October 5, 2015


The Q didn't even know that a sheet like this existed. That's what happens when you don't ask...don't ask, don't find out. So many questions can be answered through the District Manager. More demos and excavations on the way, fyi.


MikeF said...

While the district manager of CB9 is no doubt a good person, one can also find out such things without her assistance.

One uses this link

Then selects the "building on my block" feature, "CB9", and then "demolitions".

Curious27 said...

Clean Rite on Empire and Rogers has finally shuttered its doors, after several fires and years of poor maintenance. Now that's two (or three, if you count the now-abandoned former dental office east of Toomey's) shuttered businesses on the Rogers end of Empire. I wonder how many of those will make this list...

mug of mead said...

195 Sullivan Place (not Street) has already been demolished.