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Friday, February 26, 2016

To Being Or Not To Being

photo by Sarah Crean and DPC

What a terrific piece from Sarah Crean at Ditmas Park Corner on the CaribBEING House. Don't tell me you weren't curious when you saw the "box car" on the plaza at the Caton Market. Not just for lovable hobos anymore, these old rail and truck containers are being repurposed for every kind of use from housing to small business storefronts. I won't give away the myriad purposes of this colorful spot...please read Sarah's piece. But I'll risk ridicule by placing right here my submission for best neighborhood artist's name, as referenced in the article, the first artist in residence at the CaribBEING House: Shakespeare Guirand of Haiti.

Forgive me if I "borrow" another of Sarah's photos to tease with you what's inside the metallic barrier:

photo by Sarah Crean for Ditmas Park Blog

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