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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What Could Possibly Be Better Than This? Tonight!

(back from Mexico City and ready to rumble like a Lucha Libre warrior! Just call me El Q-sadilla. )

Now that yours truly has been dumped fom the Transportation Committee, I can sit back and enjoy the show once more without fear of walking into booby traps. Actually, there's a suit that's been filed to have me, Warren Berke, Michael Liburd and Chair Demetrius Lawrence removed for the board for being, um, active and involved? Men? Not sure precisely. That's coming from MTOPP, so look for a judge to dismiss it as fast as a cowboy Dollar Van rips up the Flabenue.

Tonight, after nearly two years of braying and naying, the good folks at MTOPP and their more politically palatable Empire Study Group (their Sinn Fein?) have an opportunity to present their plan for the two blocks of Empire Blvd currently zoned for commercial uses only. Having heard the yarn already, wanna know the secret? They'd like to keep it that way, but encourage festive uses of the low rise variety.

Other agenda items and their flyer below. See y'all there! (Oh, and if you're curious about the history of "The Bridge" agenda item, here's some background. And if you'd like a copy of CB9's draft budget requests to the City, just shoot me an email and I'll send it to you. It's 31 pages long, but an easy read. And it needs a LOT of review.)


Alex said...

If DSL kicked you off the Trans Committee for misbehaving, why does he allow MTOPP members to sit on multiple committees? Is filing lawsuits against the board considered proper? I do not understand.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

My guess is that he thought if he appeased MTOPP by giving them MORE say, he could somehow calm the storm. It backfired. AB has tasted blood and she's going for the final kill. I've checked with other Boards and absolutely none of this is remotely routine. Occasionally oddballs get a stick in the craw and make noise, but it's usually short-lived. She's making her own playbook and to date she's been remarkably successful. Karen Fleming had the gall, after succeeding in my ouster, to then send the Trans Committee a list of demands. Thankfully, DL declined her power grab.

It's a total shitshow, but too entertaining to look away. I'm not really into those serial dramas on the Cable TV so I'll stick to this live action mini-series. Actually, maxi-series by now.

MikeF said...

I'm looking forward to the bar that is pursing the location at 820 Franklin, at the corner of Franklin and Union.

Alex said...

Oooh what were her demands? I must know!