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Sunday, April 24, 2016


The developer of 626 Flatbush, the 23-story building that we love to hate and hate to love, has released a stunning promo video that reflects the kind of production values typically reserved for Manhattan and, of course, the New Brooklyn of the 'teens.

Believe it or not, y'all, it seems the Q's attention to the video was not the kind intended, and they've since privatized the video. Damn it was good though, video drones and all.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I actually don't hate that building?! To me, it's a massive improvement from what was there before and it'll bring all kinds of new businesses to Flatbush. It'll make the subway a bit more crowded I guess.

BTW, I got a hot tip that Jack Srouer (son of Albert Srouer of Phat Albert's fame) will in the next couple months be closing Phat's. He is also planning on restoring the great clock tower.

Anonymous said...

I like the materials of the limestone color facade a lot. How they used a couple different textures. It's a perfectly nice building and though from some perspectives it looks very tall from other places around the neighborhood it looks the same height as other buildings. A lot to do over nothing, all while the efforts should have been focused on Empire way back. That was an epic fail.

Alex said...

Anderson's building is f'n hideous. Nice for a prison, though, like a spruced up version of the holding facility on Walker or wherever downtown.

Anonymous said...

Really? Even if you don't love it, come on, no, it does not look like a prison simply because it is angular and unadorned. What do you want, gargoyles and hand carved marble details? This isn't 1900. People don't want glass buildings, remember the hoopla about bird strikes when a glass building was proposed for Lincoln Rd. If a modern building is brick then this is what it's going to look like. And I like it.

Alex said...

Anderson's building is the one on Lincoln/Flatbush. The windows are too small, and the charcoal and gray geometric pattern on the facade is just weird. It's not brick. It looks like a spruced up jail from certain angles, where you can only see the tiny presumably bathroom windows.

For the record, I think 626 Flatbush looks fine aside from its height.

Anonymous said...

OH. Sorry. Yes you are so right about the prison on Lincoln and Flatbush. Thanks NIMBYs for that delightful contribution to the neighborhood and right at our main subway stop by the park no less.