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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nagle's Bagels Coming To Lincoln Road

And they're giving away 10% of net profits to...drum roll...The Parkside Plaza! Now I won't quibble (I will nibble though). It's tough to turn a profit in your first year. BUT if we all agree not to go gluten-free for a year upon Nagle's opening, we stand a pretty good chance of keeping the Plaza rolling in the right direction. Props due to Seth Kaplan and the Lefferts Gardens Facebook community, and of course, the Parkside Committee that defied the odds and created an urban refuge where once there was none. And to think, an actual bagel place in Lefferts. I'm speechless, and feeling brunchy.


Seth said...

Hooray! And the Maple Street Community Garden came in second and gets a $50 gift certificate to provide food for one of its work days or meetings.

babs said...

Hope they're not opening this week - that would be cruel. Happy Passover everyone!