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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CaribBEING There

Quirky, smart, fun, stylish...l's and g's the Q gives you your neighbor, Shelley Worrell, and her ingenious container contraption on Caton:

Excerpted From Black Enterprise Magazine piece by Maryann Reid:

It’s not a store or shop; it is a “miniaturized mobile museum,” as Shelley puts it. Sitting inside the Tea Room at the Flatbush Caton Market, Worrell sits poised, with her hair perfectly coifed in a curly fro and crimson red lipstick. Her demeanor echoes her Google executive past with a laid back vibe that is influenced by her new surroundings.

It wasn’t too long ago that Worrell worked as a Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google, but decided that she needed to spend more time with family. Thus, she developed CaribBEING to what it is today.

Now, Worrell is in charge of making visitors feel like they are transported to the Caribbean. Every inch of the container, including the repurposed windows, mimics the feel of a breezy, beachside bar. The plywood and bespoke floors are made out of oak and were designed and installed by an interior architect. The custom designed tropical rainforest wallpaper was installed by an artist. To top it off, a falling door concept was conceived by the lead architect in Berlin, Germany.

Worrell adds, “By us even being in this courtyard with a vendor selling coconut and sugar canes, as well as another vendor who’s selling Caribbean flags, it really adds to the whole ambiance and experience.”

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