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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Frequent Flyers

It's September and that can only mean one thing. Flyers! Lots and lots of flyers. Meetings, events, new businesses, lost doggies. From science classes for kids, to a safety meeting in the Park, to Jazz (tonight!) up in the triangle by the Brooklyn Museum, to a grand Day of Mulch along the Ocean Ave side of the Park...the Q formally endorses all these events in the next few days.


Former PGLer said...

Regarding Riley, the missing dog...

while her humans were walking around Rogers, hanging signs and asking questions, a man told them he saw a woman and then a man chasing after a white dog from his apartment. He saw this man catch the dog outside of Pizza Hut, which is on Bedford and Empire. he didn't see where he went. IF this was the same good Samaritan helping to catch her, he is TALL, dark skin, wearing a baseball cap, and was hanging outside of a house with friends of Fenimore next to Rogers, right by a church. If anyone has any leads please call the number on the flyer.

Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Was it necessary to write that the dog was white?
I find it curious how white dogs seem to receive so much preference in the community.

(commenter is white)

MikeF said...

I'm glad our politicians are taking a stand against the people who are for violence in the park, yet vote.

el said...

Thank you Q!!!!!!! I am so so so grateful. And thank you @formerplger for this added info!!!!

el said...

Thank you so much!!!!!! Lauren and Scott and baby Riley!!!!