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Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Aging Blogger's Band Still Kicks Ass" - Reliable Independent Source

The show is this Wednesday May 3. We play at 9. You'll be home by 11. You could even go to dinner first. Think about it. It's called a, um, a...shux I can't remember the word. When you go somewhere with your partner, away from children and work and chores, and you try to enjoy each other's company? Rhymes with fate. CRATE! You go out on a CRATE! Actually, we kind of DO go out on a crate. In a crate. The Q's going for cremation, though. Talk about rekindling that old flame!

Yep. Babe the Blue Ox is playing a mid-week early-ish show in NYC next Wednesday May 3, with friends Baby Spiders and He Arrived By Helicopter, a newish project of the indefatigable C.Gibbs. It's in Berlin. Or rather, AT Berlin, which is a club in a place called the East Village, where we once wheat-pasted posters on the regular. Was a time when we played a show every month in NY and toured 6 months of the year. Did that really happen? Yes it did. To prove it, Exhibit A, a scan of an old Village Voice from the early 1990's, for a late Friday gig at a place (do you remember?) called The Cooler, in a once desolate stretch of an area now known by tourists and tunnel-folk as the 24-hour 24-dollar-cocktail ueber-glamorous Meatpacking District. Actually, it was called that back then too, but the drinks were $2 - Bud 40's from the 9th Ave corner bodega.

And if you read this far, and you must have because you're reading this, we'll be happy to put you and a guest "on the list." Just email. That's it. And we'll see you there. - Leffertsonians Hanna, Eddie, Tim and Kensingtonian Rose.

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Joey X said...

Outstanding! I was an indie rock nerd back in the day (even had my own label) and remember you guys fondly. Sadly, I can't make the gig, but remember your live shows being super fun. Have a good gig!