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Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Winning Participatory Budgeting Projects

And the envelope...

1. Air Conditioning for P.S. 92 and P.S. 139 
Locations: P.S. 92, 601 Parkside Avenue, and P.S. 139, 330 Rugby Road
Description: Install air conditioning in 46 rooms at these two Title I schools, so students and teachers can focus on learning.
Cost: $250,000
2. Technology Upgrades at P.S. 217Location: P.S. 217, 1100 Newkirk Avenue at Coney Island Avenue
Description: Purchase teacher resource stations, computers, and much-needed equipment to improve learning for diverse, often immigrant children.
Cost: $250,000
3. New Play Yard for P.S. 139
Location: P.S. 139, 330 Rugby Road at Cortelyou Road
Description: Renovate the cracked and often flooded asphalt lot, to create a safer and more engaging public space for families.
Cost: $500,000
4. Street Trees for Rogers Avenue
Location: Between Midwood and Winthrop Streets in Prospect-Lefferts
Description: Plant trees between Gardens — 4 blocks have only 7 trees. More trees help clean the air on this bus route and keep street cooler in the summer heat.
Cost: $39,900

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