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Monday, September 18, 2017

Italian Joint Opening on Nostrand

"Bottle of red; bottle of white; just don't fill up on that garlic bread
Bottle of white; bottle of red; that's four full bottles time to head to bed
The primi was great; the pasta was good; you didn't even leave the neighborhood
Two bottles each; despite the good meal; tomorrow you may not like the way you feel" - BJ

I think Billy was referring to more of an Italian-American place, and this will be more authentic grub from the Boot. BUT, I never miss a chance to quote the Poet Laureate of Long Island.

Camillo it's called. Opening TOMORROW, September 19, on Nostrand near Rutland (1065 on The Nose, as everyone calls it, if everyone were the Q.)

Wanna read all about it from a proper foodie journalist? Right here.

Here's the menu from a screen shot. Couldn't be bothered to go all the way over to The Nose to inquire personally. If you happen to stop in, give us a review!


JJeffr said...


A real restaurant. Not to diss the others but this is (several) cuts above but still neighborly. As in, friendly (kid friendly, too) and very affordable.

The menu is short but full of surprises: Roman cuisine. Everything is kind of the same as Italian but different in a good way. The Sig-Oth and I had two of the mains--lamb for her, fritto misto for me. Wine was a really good Falanghina. We shared a salad after. Food was excellent (OK, the lamb was slightly oversalted on the surface, perfectly fine beneath. Opening Night! The fritto was to die for.

Several changes of families with young kids (under 3?) up front. The restaurant was "lively" so not a disturbance elsewhere, but this too seems well-thought out and should be a draw.

Unknown said...

Fantastic food and interior design. The old Bell sign is featured downstairs. Legit all around. The olive oil cake dessert was UNREAL!

Bob Marvin said...

REALLY good--I think this maybe the first PLG ssit-down restaurant to attract a significant amount of customers from outside of the neighborhood.

Seth said...

Jeff, the "real" restaurants to me are ones that have roots in the community...

I hear these Camillo folks are nice and we should welcome them. But your comment is somewhat disheartening...

JJeffr said...

Sorry Seth. I'm an unapologetic gentrifier. Love Peppas, Hammonds, Culpeppers (Gino's not so much), Jamaican Pride, Food Sermon, etc., but I also like to sit down when I eat.

(BTW, these interlopers come all the way from Locanda Vini e Olii in Clinton Hill. Not our kind, really, but let's do make an effort to welcome them.)

And keep on fighting for that Lost Cause, baby!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

JJ: I was enjoying your refreshing candor right up to your last kiss-off line. I've never thought that gentrification has to be a zero-sum enterprise. Right now many worlds are co-existing side-by-side. There's no reason not to cheer for the continuation of a truly diverse neighborhood, no matter how Quixotic it may seem.

Jacob said...

There's a huge amount of people here and the neighborhood should be able to support all kinds of eating establishments, from $1 bodega buttered roll to $30 filet mignon with a white tablecloth.