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Friday, September 8, 2017

Looking Good, Risbo

Is the Q wrong, or has Risbo been taking, like, forever to open? And in a quintillion years I never would have guessed that this stretch of Flatbush on the east side Parkside to Winthrop would sport not one but two bistro type spots. But by the look and sound of things, Risbo will have that casual sophistication typically reserved for 2000s Bushwick. Or 2010s Bed-Stuy. I hear Chef Boris will have plenty of French roto-chicken on the menu, but I'd wait til the grand opening, sometime before Halloween, to get a gander at the poultry menu. Get it? Gander. Poultry. Ah forget it. Happy to see he's opening soon so we can just get on with the raves or pans.


ADL said...

Good cluck with those puns.

Alex said...

Any updates on the sneaker store -> Asian restaurant? Their build out looked pretty complete a couple months ago.

Anonymous said...

I feel even more interesting a new spot over on Nostrand in the old Maxmillion Bells space called Camillo. I will however miss forever the jukebox in Bells.