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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn on Parkside

Man, every day my fellow East Caledonian Parksiders and I trudge the dreary walk from Mansoob's "Crips Corner" Deli to the Q at Parkside, past Popeyes', mysterious Parkside Court, the miserable Fried Hotel-to-Be, the chipper Yemeni's at Parkside Deli, the bickering "canners" of Pioneer...jeez louise I've blogged about nearly every step of that 107 stride walk haven't I? Oh, except I haven't posted about the always loiter-lively "225 Parkside." So about a $500 share in 225 Parkside? Just listed! Golly, if I were a single woman I'd jump at that one! I didn't even know you could get a room for $500 anymore...

There! Now I've blogged the whole damn walk. Whew...feeling tired now. And yet...

The above photo is of the remarkably hearty blooms on a rose bush in the "landscaped" strip next to our beloved Popeye's Fried Chicken. As I stooped to sniff a bloom, I was overwhelmed by the fearsome fried chicken smell being burped onto the sidewalk by the "marketing" exhaust fan. Which instantly reminded me of that passage in the book FAST FOOD NATION about New Jersey based companies that try to reintroduce flavor and odors into processed foods that have been dried, frozen and churned so many times they no longer have the taste and sniff of their once delicious selves. And so companies like the mammoth International Flavors and Fragrances have to artificially create the sensation that we come to know and love as "food." If you gotta minute, click that IF&F link. It's really creepy...

But taking a step back from self-righteousness...don't you think it's the Popeye's fragrance that's making them roses pop like that?

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