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Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Unexampled Poster

I'll let you read this first, if you haven't seen it up on a local utility pole:

I have a lot of thoughts about this poster, and they're confusing to me. The language. The choice to discuss the Domestic Violence issue. The need for cat-owners to be energetic. The choice of the intensely unusual word "unexampled."

I'm truly pro-cat and way anti-violence of any kind. Always have been. But like I said, this poster confused me.

Hope it all works out y'all. Consider your plea passed along...


Anonymous said...

You need a 'like' button.

Anonymous said...

I feel for this woman and wish her all the best. Her use of language has always interested me (she ran a day care/babysitting service out of her home for a while and the ads for that were entertaining posters as well); I really can't figure out where it comes from. Clearly there's some education behind it, but from what country I'm not sure.