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Friday, October 15, 2010

Chubby Hipster Topples Trees in Midwood; Dollar Vans Cheer

My apologies. After a pain in the ass commute home, the last thing this lazy blogger was about to do was go out and shoot some pictures of mother nature's effect on Dollar Van industry. Thus the above picture.

But I only jest by half, because in fact a tree did topple on the tracks at Avenue M around 4PM, rerouting all Brighton Line subway cars over the dastardly D line - hardly a useful alternative unless you live on the Island of Coney. Thousands of commuters poured onto the streets of Brooklyn looking for alternatives - your humble servant of Q included. Using nothing but my bare hands and all the savvy I could muster, I got off at Dekalb to be near the BEGINNING of the chaos, the easier to get a seat on a bus or gypsy van. I made my way to the corner of Livingston and Flatbush and waved down a reggae blasting D.V. After squeezing my ample buttocks into the back seat next to an even more amply em-bottomed woman with an overwhelmingly aromatic foam container of chinese food, I made my peace with my ride home and watched the sad spectacle of stranded pedestrians flood the sidewalks of Flatbush Ave unable to hail so much as a skateboard.

It's amazing how many of us count on the MTA every day, and how a relatively minor wind event can throw the City into chaos. Remembering 9/11, the blackout, those bizarre shutdowns because the subway couldn't handle rain over a certain's a wonder we so consistently make it home for vittles.

It all turned out o.k. in the end -- the big lady and I both got off in front of Popeyes!

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