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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Geeksta Rap Star - Know Thy Celebrity Neighbor

Pretty much every nerdy dude in America dreams of putting down the protractor and grabbing the mic. But neighborhood resident Damian Hess (alias MC Frontalot) is livin' the dream.
Me, I'm not a fronter, so I'll be straight up with you. Sometimes the internet takes pity on a part-time wanna be journalist like the Q. And frankly, the snowstorm is making me sleepy, so I think I'll let Gothamist's Jaya Saxena (who as far as I can tell gets paid to do just this sort of thing) do the heavy lifting. MC Frontalot in Gothamist.

You may be saying to yourself, yeah, but does he have the goods? Actually, he does, and his tunes are free for the taking. MCF's MP3s. I suggest you check out the first tune, and if you don't hurl, you might end up thanking me for the tip. And let your geek flag fly.

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