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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Haitian Earthquake's Victims All Around Us

Every so often I run across an article that makes me think differently about the Q at Parkside and its sister stations at Prospect Park and Church Avenue. Like the following from the BBC about Haitians living as refugees right here, many of whom we pass on the streets on our way to the Dunkin' Donuts or buying paper towels at the GEM. Here's the short article: BBC article

To me there is something remarkable about the fact that of the 105,000 Haitians who came here legally on tourist visas after the quake, less than half have any meaningful options to stay here without becoming "criminals" in the eyes of the state. And even those who are on the path to emergency green cards, they're only being allowed to apply as part of what's called "humanitarian aid." Indeed. Lest we forget that humanitarian means HUMANS, pictured here is fellow human and neighbor Judith Polidor, here to try to make a sane life for herself and her two kids.

Estimates suggest that tens of thousands of Haitians have moved to Flatbush to live with relatives or friends. Worth thinking about, the next time you hear some Creole while standing in line at Jamaican Pride.

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