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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need a Specimen? Take a Specimen. Got a Specimen? Leave a Specimen.

Much like the beloved penny jars at area establishments, feel free to utilize the LabCorps specimen drop boxes at your local doctor's office.

Drs. Uthman Adeola and Bandele Omokuku may be perfectly fine physicians, but I can only hope they take more care with their patients than they do with their patients' urine.

On the awning of this doctor's office at 255 Parkside is the dentist Carole Germain. I've always wondered about her, and since she opened her own "Care Dental" on Nostrand near Clarkson I figured what the hell, my guy is a Russian "Dr. Nick" wannabe over in the Slope, so I couldn't do any worse. So I made an appointment and trudged through the early morning snow yesterday to pay her a visit. Guess what? She was great! Love her. Office was clean and the help pleasant. Haitian lady with a gentle chair-side manner who's clearly knowledgeable and capable. I'll let you know more after my next two visits, during which I'll get a filling and one of those absurdly thorough tartar cleanings that make you wish your head was detachable.

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