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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Honk If You Think This Sign Won't Make No Nevermind

Our neighbors Keith and Beth led the charge for this sign. They split for California, but their dream of a honkless Clarkson lives on. This sign went up without fanfare not long ago. Needless to say, there's been no audible change.

Has anyone ever actually been written up for honking? And why $350? Why not $3,500? Or $350 per honk? I figure the money should go to the neighbors anyway, not the City. It could be deducted automatically from the offender's EZ-Pass, straight into the Clarkson FlatBed Block Association coffers. With that kinda dough our block party could put Dave Chappelle to shame.

I must say that I do look forward to the day when some selfish gridlocked motorist lays on the horn a couple dozen times and I can walk up to his Olds, rap on the glass and point to this sign. Or maybe I'll think better of it.


Anonymous said...

The sign doesn't make a difference because drivers in NYC know the NYPD don't enforce traffic laws. Or dog poo laws. They raised the fines and put up signs but look at what was revealed when the snow melted. The local dailies reported the city gives out only 2 tickets per month per enforcement officer for not cleaning up after a dog. That's for a city with millions of dogs. NYC could be making so much money off lawbreakers by actually enforcing laws. Instead they want to cut school budgets.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Shakespeare in flatbush?