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Friday, February 11, 2011

Is There a Lawyer in the Foyer?

Why go to law school, when you can make easy cash dishing out bogus legal advice to hapless illegal immigrants?

A store on Bedford Avenue near Clarkson called Profimax (sounds like an impotence drug) and another down by Church called Rincher's Bookstore apparently preyed on Haitians following the earthquake. A merciful law designed to help Haitians gain visas following the disaster brought a lot of folks out of the shadows seeking legal work papers. Neighbor Fred Pinard runs Profimax, and duped folks into believing he had the expertise needed to file the paperwork, charging them hundreds of bucks EVEN though many of the immigrants would have qualified to have the fees waived. There's a special place in hell, Fred...

Newly elected AG Eric Schneiderman boasts in the Daily News: "We will continue working aggressively to root out fraud wherever it exists, and that includes bringing those who prey on the immigrant community to justice,"

Great going Eric. And if the past couple of years is any indication, we'll be seeing your name on the ballot for Governor soon enough. Nice to hear some common sense coming out of an elected official about immigrants.

Schneiderman's nanny, housekeeper and gardener could not be reached for comment.

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