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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hell's A-Poppin' in Caledonian PLG Flatbush

It looks like all of our petition-signing and awareness-raising is starting to get some attention. Check out this story in the Brooklyn Paper about the Ocean/Flatbush death trap. Then around noon today, the Q got word that Channel 11 was champing at the bit for more of the story, and this here typo-laden story is now on their website. I don't know about whether it's making the late news, and the Q is not about to watch an entire imbecilic local news show to find out. But, and this is a very big butt, be sure to make the Councilman Eugene-sponsored forum with the DOT on May 3 at Calvary Pentecostal Church at 7PM to finally get them to take some action before someone gets killed. Come and voice your concerns, and, you know, speak in tongues if you're so moved.

Plus, turns out that major problem-solving is going on at the Parade Ground due to agitation and petition-signing by w'all (personally I'm agitating for use of the word "w'all" as the plural inclusive form of y'all). According to brother Ben, who launched the initiative and petition, local politicians and precincts have risen to the occasion, installing security cameras and adding patrols to the area, with more safety measures to come. Way to go Ben, and Brenda, and Nathan, know who you are!

And as I was walking home the other evening, I was greeted with this awesome sign at the "movies etc." joint next to the McDonalds at said death-trap intersection. And if this doesn't warm your heart, then it's time to consider a move to Westchester:

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