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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rental of the Day: A Real Live Commune!

I was initially hesitant to post this...but hey, it's on Craigslist already, and that has bujillions of readers, and I'm just the little ol' Q.

Rental of the Day: Communal Living in PLG

Normally I wouldn't bother to repost a rental listing. But something about this one made me yearn for my salad days. Below is the text from the ad. Now, assuming they're not a cult (and who can assume these days), this description warmed my heart with its enthusiasm and utopian optimism. And hey, maybe you know a "perfect couple" for whom this would be perfect!

Our sunny attic studio (perfect for a couple) is available starting in May.

for only

It has its own private bathroom/shower, tons of sunlight,
and has LOTS of space for two people to live, dance, + sleep.

Also, we have another beautiful room opening up for the same amount of time for $675.

You would be part of a larger collective of 8 people (counting you), sharing a
kitchen with just 6. We have a backyard, sideyard, front-yard (all of which have herbs and veggies growing!!), porch, garage, driveway, washing-machine, ENORMOUS kitchen with a 6-burner stove, and a GIGANTIC living room that hosts monthly concerts.

The 6 people that you would share this house with are artists, musicians, great chefs, bike-riders, coop shoppers, gardeners, and genuinely fun people. We are fans of direct communication, and like to have monthly meetings to sort everything out.

We're looking for people that will want to participate in the garden.

You gotta be a real poop to snark at that (though I'm sure someone will). And who couldn't use "monthly meetings" to sort everything out? You GO Little Commune!


babs said...

I believe this is the house on the corner of Rutland Rd. and Bedford Ave. People in the Manor are NOT happy about it, and this is only going to make them more PO'd at the owners, who do not live here.

Bob Marvin said...

I don't know Babs; could that house (or ANY row house) be said to have an "attic studio"?

babs said...

I know; the attic thing doesn't make sense, but in every other way (including the specific details about the house and its residents, and mention of the monthly concerts), it sure sounds like 118 Rutland. There is, however, another, similar living situation in a detached house on Lincoln Rd., come to think of it - who knew there were so many communes in our midst?

Anonymous said...

My money is on the house on Lincoln Road.

eggs! said...

these are the people you should ask about the rooster (on ocean) about. they'd know exactly what to do.