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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nagi Halal Food

Adding to the chaos around our hometrain, Nagi's Halal has set up shop curbside. His L.E.D. scrolling billboard adds a little Times Square glitz to the glass shard, bootleg video, squatter's building, traffic snarl, trash heap that serves as our public square. Actually, I would welcome a middle-eastern style Bazaar on this neglected corner, and perhpas Nagi is the start of a street vendor renaissance of sorts. I tried the gyro...and it's really pretty good, and the guy is super-sweet. I don't understand the logistics of setting up shop in a location like this...anybody want to venture a guess, or drop some knowledge on the Q?

I always get a little nervous when a cart tries to please too many constituencies though. Cheeseburgers. Fish and Fries. Falafel. Heck, I'd be surprised if he couldn't whip up a plate of hot cakes every bit as good as those at the Woodruff Deli. Hold the bacon, though!

Here's the biz card - call ahead and pickup if you prefer.

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