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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who's got swell sounding shares for $600? We do!

Here's a link to a $600 bedroom in a share...sounds sweet. Looking for female...

Decent Priced Room in in PLG/Flatbush

I don't know why it struck me...other than the fact that I feel for young non-trust-fund types who are trying to make a go of it in NYC, and must feel so demoralized looking for decent places to live that don't require massive monthly trucks of cash, credit checks and/or miserable living conditions.

When I moved to Brooklyn in 1988 I paid $300 for a windowless backroom in a converted corner store in what they now call Windsor Terrace or South Slope (8th Ave at Prospect Ave). And so, to me, even by those standards, this place sounds sweet. I'd even don a wig and petticoat to nab it. Ladies, be sure to peek under those dresses before committing to your new roomate! (and consider a man were he a gentleman! they do still exist, I'm told.)

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