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Friday, November 16, 2012

Your Community Needs Your Input! SUNDAY 2-3 at BBG

This post is directed at you! Yes, you. We need you on Sunday. Everyone. Free snax! And free Brooklyn Botanic Garden for members of the Community Board 9 district (sorry CB14, I wish I had time to work on both). CB9 is west to Ocean, south to Clarkson, north to Eastern Parkway, and East to Utica. (For free admission to BBG, you must enter at 100 Washington entrance and tell them you're there for the meeting!)

We had a mtg last night to hash out the agenda, and it'll go something like this. At 2, the chair of CB9, Rabbi Jacob Goldstein will welcome you. District Manager Pearl Miles will tell you about CB's, how we can influence City government and planning, and how a 197a plan can push the City in the right direction. Then most of CB9s committee chairs will talk for 5 minutes tops about plans in their areas: public safety, housing, public spaces, environment/sanitation, transportation, youth, education, economic development, etc. Then at 3 we break for said snax, and you'll have a chance to choose the areas of interest to you and break out into small groups to solicit your input and hear others discuss what they'd like to see tackled, changed, and improved. We'll meet back up around 4:30 to wrap-up, and your voice will have been heard and we'll make plans to move forward. Bring all and everyone. We're meeting in the auditorium which is at the 100 Washington entrance to the garden. Mention that you're there for the meeting and gain entrance to the garden without cost.

Sound like a plan? Right on. (and thanks Skei for the nice poster!)


Bob Marvin said...

"Then at 3 we break for said snax, and you'll have a chance to choose 2 of 4 areas of interest to you and break out into small groups to solicit your input"

That seems like a really limiting format. I know that people from Lefferts Manor would like to speak about (among other things) the importance of getting REAL high speed internet--this is largely a LM problem since most of our blocks (those without telephone poles) were never wired for cable. Will there be a chance to address this issue?

theQ said...

Bob: Whatever you want to discuss is fine w/us. Not sure which group internet falls under, but why not choose Economic Development/housing? Can't hurt...and if there's something you want to make sure makes it into the "report" that we'll send around, just pull one of us aside and mention it. I've been following y'alls travails for internet on the...internet, and it would seem that the CB should be able to wrest some satisfaction on the issue. I trust you've tried every reasonable tactic short of self-immolation?

Anonymous said...

Any update from the meeting for those not able to attend.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Great turnout...nice food - the pigs were wearing delicious blankets. And the Q loves his Fresca!

I'll give a whole rundown after I get reports from the various breakout facilitators. Actually, that's a good band name...The Breakout Facilitators. Seriously though, a great day for the neighborhood and it was amazing to hear that the same issues seem common to nearly all. Now for the work...