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Sunday, April 7, 2013

LGCS Seeks Community Support This Wednesday

Just three years into its life as a free publicly funded alternative to zoned district schools, local startup the Lefferts Garden Charter School is seeking permanent co-location within the longtime home of PS92 on Parkside between Bedford and Rogers. Local mom and co-founder Renata Gomes has forwarded this request to the greater community.

Dear Supporters of Lefferts Gardens Charter School,

We believe in the mission and vision of Lefferts Gardens Charter School and want to see it thrive in the years to come.  For the past 3 years, we have been co-located in the P.S. 92 School Building at 601 Parkside Avenue.  The co-location with P.S. 92 has been a mutually agreeable and respectful one and we look forward to the opportunity of deepening our ties with this community.  

The NYC Dept of Education is proposing a long-term co-location for LGCS at P.S.92.  This will allow us to remain in a space that has not only served us well but which provides close proximity to our field study program partners (Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Prospect Park Zoo, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Children's Museum and Construction Kids.)  It will also give us an ability to build a long-term partnership with P.S. 92 and work on building initiatives and funding that benefit us both.

There will be a public hearing for community members to share feedback about this proposal.  We are asking friends of the school and neighborhood supporters to attend and speak in our favor with a quick 'I support Lefferts Gardens Charter School Co-locating at PS 92.'  We hope to see you there!


Time:    5:30 sign up 
            6:15 DOORS CLOSE

Where : LGCS SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 601 Parkside Avenue

Why:     The DOE will count how many for and how many against

Please -   SIGN UP TO SPEAK (everyone is allowed up to 2 minutes)
               SPEAK TO BE COUNTED

For more about the school please check out these links:

School website:

One could infer by the Q's printing of the letter that he supports the co-location, and one would be inferring correctly. If you read my post on the school a few days back, I noted that LGCS's board has made the wise move this spring to engage an outside search firm to find an experienced school leader to address the issues that have made the first three years perhaps more difficult than they need to be - basically the fact that there has been no one in charge with the kind of lengthy resume to handle all the pitfalls of a charter startup. Such seasoned leadership is clearly critical, particularly because LGCS does not have a national network behind it. The school could also benefit from a larger, broader and deeper board. But those constructive criticisms should not take away from the extraordinary accomplishments that I've noted, like the warmth of the school, it's awesome curriculum and the strengths of many of its teachers. All wrapped in a wonderful school building...

And at the very same time, PS92 itself is about to lose its longtime leader Diane Rahmaan to retirement. Meaning it too is about to undergo serious changes and next year could very likely mean two brand new principals walking the halls,. And so I say...


Sure it's just my opinion, but then, it's my blog, and that's kinda what it's for.

See you Wednesday. If you care about the way kids around here get edumacated, then why not share an hour of your time on hump night? And by all means, share YOUR opinions below.

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