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Monday, April 29, 2013

too rich to miss

psssst: y'all have got to check out the brawl happening in the comments over on a recent post. seriously, i don't even have the words to describe it. i'll take down most of it soon, but i'm so mesmerized i can hardly wait for the next comment. the screen names, the bizarre volleys...reminds me a lot of high school frankly. which is appropriate i guess. oh blogosphere! have you no shame?

not that it had any impact on the question at hand. the lefferts gardens charter school has been given permanent co-location within ps92's building on parkside.

i'm not using capital letters as a means of being digitally hush-hush, since this buffie character is clearly on a rampage plus has many enemies and i fear i may be lashed once more over the right eye, this time by a nasty district superintendent who is, in her own words, busy "counting the money." juicy, y'all. very juicy.


Deep Insider said...

She's broke and posturing to the limit, much like her credit cards. It got ugly when she showed up to disrespect people who know exactly who she is, and then sent her low witted partner in crime there to defend his own honor, if that is what it can be called. This woman is a disgrace and a waste of our tax dollars, so I'm more offended that we pay her to spew her arrogance, than I am that she is devoid of morals or intellect.

Anonymous said...

That was a good read.

Intrigued said...

Hands down, the best thing I have ever read online since the invention of Internet.


New neighbor said...

I have never seen tea spilled like that. Damn! That is some kind of pent-up outrage. I hope there are some consequences beyond the tattered reputation. smh

Moving beyond Buffiegate said...

The co-location hearing and Buffiegate that ensued was pretty crazy, but I wanted to draw Q's attention to something good that came out of that hearing if he is already not aware.

This Saturday, June 15, parents of PS 92 and LCGS are CO-hosting a family party with games, food and entertainment. This was initiated to move beyond the acrimony in that meeting and have parents and kids form connections between the schools so that the shared space can become as asset, not a liability.

It is hoped that this will be one of many parties to come.