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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good Times, Good Vibes

So nice to see neighbors enjoying the MLK holiday. Local resident Carmen of Kiddie Science was there - above you can see how engaged the kids were in discovering that black is made of every color. Great experiment, great metaphor.

Carmen, by the by, just closed on a lease for a space at 509 Rogers tween Midwood and Rutland, from which she can build her Frankenstein host classes for our young Einsteins. Once the lab is up and running, longterm goal is for more youth-oriented bizzes to become part of her Mall of America Community Center for Cool Classes (or CCCC).

Carmen's great; Kiddie Science is great. For more info, you know what to do.

Also at the celebration yesterday a hilarious reading by Javaka Steptoe, another cool neighbor, whose terrific book on the young Jean-Michel Basquiat called (of course) Radiant Child. If you're looking for a perfect gift for a youngster, I highly suggest you shout at Alexa hop on over to Greenlight Bookstore at 626 Flatbush and grab a copy.

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