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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More Walls Come Tumbling Down

There is something eerie about watching a house be torn down from within. Especially when you only hear the breaking glass and plaster and can't see a sign of a human, just the occasional debris thrown from an upper window by gloved, seemingly disembodied, hands.

The little church and two houses on Clarkson I in full demo mode
Plans are for a big ol' "luxury" building with all market rate units. Of course. If they ever get to work on the empty lot across the street, I figure that'll bring another 400-500 people to the block, all able to afford the going rates. That's going from five Victorian houses and a cinder block Pentecostal church to...ah hell, you know the story.

As the Q sloshed home from a meeting, a massive Fire Dept presence had taken over Winthrop and Flatbush, maybe 10 trucks in all. On closer inspection, a fire had torn through the upper floors of 35 Winthrop. Such a strange couple of images to see with a couple hours of one another.

One can only pray no one was hurt. Not feeling too hopeful, but that's when you pray, right?

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