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Friday, June 23, 2017

And Speaking of Vino

What's going on here? Did all of Lefferts suddenly become winos? Sorry, wine enthusiasts. Oenophiles. People who like to get drunk in a classy way? Give me Mad Dog 20/20 any day. Actually, don't. You wouldn't like me when I'm drunk. Only right now am I realizing that

Gotta say this is Location, Location, Location for a wine shop. Parkside Avenue, right across from my beloved Q. Seems only a matter of time before this stretch starts to upscale generally.


Parkdog said...

I know the guy who is opening this shop, Great guy and family man. Neil is the name, Vino is the game! Stop by and support your neighbor.
Still waiting for that bagel/coffee shop to open on this block.

Cutupra said...

Thanks, Parkdog for your kind works and Clarkson FlatBed for bringing us up on your blog when we were just about to open... Yes, my name is Neil and I am one of the owners at D.Vino. I also live right here in the neighborhood and am happy to serve the community this way. We are fully open by now offering a wide range of local and international wine and spirits. Come by to say hi, or to taste some wines