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Monday, June 26, 2017

Risbo To Open In a Month

Seems like Chef Boris has been working for awhile to get Risbo up and running, his French American Cuisine, fast casual concept with heavy rotisserie influence, large banquette with communal eating style with meats, fish, and plenty of vegetables. At 701 Flatbush, next to Parkside Pizza and ParksideZ deli and the lively drunks of Parkside Liquors which is now called First Class Liquors, as in only the best fortified wine in the borough.

And yep. And that's him folks:

Looks like it's gonna be classy KAJ y'all. Not unlike Food Sermon?

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Anonymous said...

Is this at Parkside and Flatbush or Parkside and Nostrand? The address and your description don't seem to match up.