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Friday, May 14, 2010

A [fill in blank] Grows in Brooklyn

Man I hate that phrase! Time to retire "a ___ grows in Brooklyn." Unless you're from Iowa (like me), in which case you're forgiven for using it. Once.

Anyhoo, I'm sure you already knew that the closing of the Blockbuster on Flatbush at Caton was like a long boring remake. Good riddance, I say. I ended up going there because I was too often too lazy to send back the NetFlix, and I'd end up spending WAY more time than intended and I'd STILL walk out with a movie with a III or IV in the title.

But walk just another block south to Linden, hang a louie, and presto - free movies, books, CDs, wi-fi, info, bathroom. What is this "fantasy" business, you say? Why it's your own local branch of the Brooklyn Library! The FLATBUSH branch to be exact.

It may not be the prettiest. It may not be the biggest. But I highly suggest you get to know your local branch, because you never know what crazy doc, classic or how-to vid they're going to have in circulation. 9 times out 9f 10 I end up with something WAY better than I ever got from the Blowbuster. The folks are friendly, the wi-fi's always on, and...something else. Darn.

See you there!

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