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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Internet Coffee House makes me wanna cry...

Dear ICH:

Since day one I've been rooting for you. The great name (Internet Coffee House is BRILLIANT! And the acronym is ICH!!) The font on your sign. The location. The promise of decent coffee in a neighborhood devoid of latte. And when "they" started making fun of you on the defunct blog ACROSS THE PARK, I hated "them." I wanted to run into your arms for a croissant and an hour of google, as if to say "everything's gonna be alright."

You even had a website! ICH In fact, it's still there...neglected, sad, unloved. This picture from your site doesn't do you justice:

Then you started putting up all those signs in your window. It makes you look cheap! And computer repairs? Really? I'm not a snob ICH. I actually WANT to go to a coffee place that doesn't feel all bourgeois and snooty. But please...just go do some research...check out other places in Brooklyn. Forget K-Dog. They've got their thing going on, and there's no reason to copy it. But over in Park Slope, Ft. Greene, even Ditmas Park, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a coffee joint. And most of them are staying in business, though I'll never understand why.

I just want it to work out between the two of us. So think about what I've said, but stay true to yourself.

Yours always,
Clarkson FlatBed

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I hear you. And the coffee generally sucks, too. But the tea selection is bitchin', and what about the steel drums on Saturday nights? That has to count for something.