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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

News Flash - Coffee place north of the border!

I'm so embarrassed. I'm a whole year late to the game, despite having passed it, I'm sure, many many times.

Thanks Josh, for posting a comment about The Glass Shop, a coffee and wi-fi joint North of PLG. Sure it's a bit of a hike, but you're intrepid. You moved to the Greater Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Community didn't you? Give 'em some business and tell 'em Clarkson FlatBed sent you.(They'll have no idea what you're talking about, but the awkward exchange might lead to some interesting anecdote.)

From the rave reviews on the Yelp! (an Internet thingy for something called the world wide web, a space-age communication network that allows you to access information from all over the world in milliseconds, which is one thousandth of a second, which is weird because milli makes you think millionth), I'd say they've got themselves a hit. I gotta go soon, though I'm not going to lug my 20 lb. four-year-old HP laptop with me. Though it's almost old and big enough to be blogging.


Anonymous said...

Well, the shop is a bit further from our area than north of Empire. It is actually a few blocks north of Eastern Parkway, but that makes for a nice long walk up through those interesting streets and neighborhoods. The payoff is great coffee made with conviction and no apologies. A little pricey, but the best espresso I've had this side of the Atlantic coupled with an entire Elvis album (a week later it was Bob Dylan)and everything evens out. Looking forward to trying the sardine sandwich as well. The owner seems very serious about how he wants to serve coffee and those that don't like it will go elsewhere. For those of us that love to sit down, slow down, and sip from actual china instead of papercups this is it.


babs said...

Glass Shop was mentioned in the recent NY Times article on the best coffee in NYC, as was Breukelen Coffe House on Franklin.

Sam said...

Glass shop is great! and they have a really cute outdoor space where pups are welcome. I sat there for hours last weekend with a fellow PLGer and our two beagle's, a very relaxed atmosphere indeed!

essie said...

moving to lenox rd. this weekend - glass shop was probably the one thing that made me consider staying in crown heights. so good.