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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why no love for the Q at Parkside?

The first thing visitors from other part of NYC see when they come to our home? THE CITY'S SORRIEST EXCUSE FOR A SUBWAY STATION, which practically screams "you're on the other side of the park now, so don't even think about having a pleasant experience with the Q at Parkside." (yeah, yeah, I know. the B stops here too, but that's temporary).

In the 7 years we've lived here, the station agents have claimed change is a comin,' but the walls are still a peelin', the doors are still a broken', the facade is still a crumblin' and occasionally a maintenance crew will come by with a bucket of paint and literally splash it on the walls, leaving it looking more like a crack den than ever. Oh MTA, what have we done to deserve this? How could it be that Prospect Park, just one station away, has been remodeled and refurbished, while we still get to trip on poorly laid orange tape that, I guess, is supposed to prevent us from falling down cracked staircases?

Hey everybody (all TWO of you!) call the number in the station: 718-330-3322 and tell them that we want a subway to call home -- that's right, the Q at Parkside is our "hometrain," and we're tired of feeling like the City's unloved stepchild. When you call, they'll ask you a bunch of questions from a list they have, and G*D only knows whether they actually pass the info on. But if enough of us call, who knows? We called for years about street trees on Clarkson, and then, one day, 18 of them were planted. So who knows?

Love and jerk chicken,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson Flatbed

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Anonymous said...

There's at least three reading. I'm thrilled that there's a blog for Parkside. Thanks!

Anyway, I'll call.