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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clarkson, you rock

Thanks to our neighbors new and old, the first ever Clarkson Avenue Beautification Day was a surprise success. Who knew so many other FlatBedHeads (as the people on our block prefer to be called) really want to make a difference. A big shout out to MJMcBee who took the above picture. These kids were amazing, and so many people came out to help plant, mulch and pick up trash. We met some great new people, and the mood was way cool. Special thanks to Johnny, a professional landscapeman, for leading the tree pit effort. It's like they say, you can lead a horticulturalist to water, but you can't let him drink!

It's amazing to think how many people live on one block in Brooklyn. With it's mix of single family, multi-family and large apartment buildings, clarkson flatbed has probably 1,500 residents. (I'm no statistician, but with 80 or so units in each of those big bldgs, it really adds up). Add to that a dozen stray cats and a raccoon, that's a lot of mammals living on top of each other. (Think I'm kidding 'bout the raccoon? Take a gander at this photo I took out of my back door window.)

One thing you can say for certain: it's never dull when you live near the Q at Parkside. Thanks y'all!

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MJMcBee said...

A good time was had by all... it was refreshing to see the block so clean and lush! I got to officially meet our neighbor Ralph whose thumb turns out to be just as green as Johnny McBee's! He did a great job helping to get the kids involved. And let me tell you these kids were funny. One of the older ones asked if he could just take a photo with his arm around me and I found myself telling him to stop being "fresh" when the other one started guffawing while taking the pic--um they say you turn into your mother when you have a kid, this was my moment to morph!

One final note though: we ran out of mulch to put in the remaining pits, especially on your side of the street. How can we get some more? It looks so much better when all of the pits on the block are amply filled and planted. Plus I find it easier to take out stray pieces of trash that blow into the tree pits now that they just sit on top of the fluffy mulch. I'm willing to get out there again and finish the job ASAP!