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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've Died and Gone to (Closeout) Heaven!

If you've been afraid to pop your head in this joint:

don't be ashamed! I was too for the first couple years of living in "Parkside/Caledonia." With half their wares blocking the sidewalk next to Pepa's Jerk Chicken on Flatbush near Woodruff, it's easy to think they're up to something no good.

But never fear. The friendly family-owned business known as Clcoseout Heaven is truly a cosmic cornucopia of cacophonous consumerism. Or to put it another way without the use of the hard consonant "c" - this place is outa sight, mad beyond measure, and downright daffy.

Nearly every day the inventory changes. Need a full-size electronic piano? a dehumidifier? potting soil? linens? gefilte fish? Yes, you heard right. Two months ago the place was crammed full of giant 5 lb cans of gefilte fish. Today, there's not even a single sardine. Somebody had a hankering for gefilte!

If you need something, talk to the owners. They will do their best to find you one or more, whatever it is, and don't be shy. These guys have sold it all, from garden gnomes to nordic tracks to seltzer water by the case. Just don't ask where they got it from and how come it's so cheap. That would spoil all the fun!

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Anonymous said...

Man, Q, you tell me the things I need to know. Thanks for your blog.