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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How NOT to List an Apartment Rental

Listen, I'm no Barbara Corcoran, but I know a poorly constructed rental listing when I see it. There's a 2-bedroom apt open right down the street from me on Clarkson Ave listed by Brown Harris Stevens - the free parking is apparently a selling point, because at $1,600 a month it's no bargain, though not unreasonable.

I know the house in question. It's one of three well-maintained free standing colonial-esque woodframe houses. I've met a couple people living there who are real sweet and into maintaining the garden areas. But of all the pics to use to sell the joint:

What exactly am I supposed to ooh and ahh about here? Check out those radiators! What fabulous bars on the window! The view of the apartment building across the street is to DIE for!

Maybe they're pumped about that fantastic shine to the wood floors. I mean you can actually see the reflections of those GORGEOUS radiators in the sheen!


babs said...

The house is also for sale (as are its two neighbors, marketed specifically to investors, who are reminded that Clarkson is NOT in the historic district and that this would make an ideal development site - have at it, backhoes!). But failing that they'll settle for a rental - and note that this includes parking!

Anonymous said...

3 Bedroom 1 bath with parking in the back available at 38 Winthrop 2nd floor walkup Apt 2B. I think they want $1500. Google Winthrop Equities, they own the building if anyone is interested...FYI...