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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dawning of the Age of Caledonia

Ear-tickling scuttlebutt on the new apartment complex at the ol' Caledonian Hospital (now rounded down to 100 Parkside Avenue):

Along with the doggie spa, architect Karl Fischer says the property will include a screening room, a basketball court, and other high-end amenities. “[The developers] realize the neighborhood is up-and-coming, so the have to provide a lot more than a nice building,” said Fischer.

This classy quote brought to you by D.S. MacLeod, self-anointed "greatest journalist ever" and the very dude who ate all that jerk chicken awhiles back. The quote and fuller article must be coming out somewhere, since he's a reporter who writes for actual newspapers. Dan, you out there? What under-paying rag gets the scoop?

Thanks to Ben, part of the crime-fighting Parade Grounds Posse, for passing on the latest. For old times sake, here's a pic of the glossy that led to the Chetrit Group's purchase of the old hospital in the first place:

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