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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This, and My Co-Pay is Now $50 a Pop With a $2,000 Annual Hospital Deductible?

Okay, so this story may be a bit farther afield from the Q train than most. But hey, hop the B12 across from the Parkside Q and you'll be in East Flatbush in a Flashbut. And being a proud resident of Clarkson Avenue, I've been known to make an appearance at Kings County or SUNY Downstate Hospitals...they really are our neighbors, even if you're the type who looks down your nose at Brooklyn medical centers. Not for nothin', my years in NYC have told me no trip to the emergency room is a cakewalk, and different hospitals are better at different things. Plus, in an emergency, close is better than far. Was a time we could have STROLLED to the Emergency Room at Caledonian Hospital, even after suffering all manner of debilitating conditions. Take my advice and go with the ER at Downstate. It's clean, and nowhere near the chaos of Kings County. Methodist has always been a thorn in my side, but to each his own.

Speaking of disappearing Christian sects, there's the whole outdated "religious" affiliation thing. The hospital in Park Slope is "Methodist?" Funny, I didn't see any Methodists there at all; though they don't tend to be as conspicuous as say, Orthodox Jews or Amway Reps.

Well here's something you oughta know. Over on the OTHER side of Kings County's ginormous renovated campus is another hospital - Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, and it resides in the Q's very own Community Board district 9. Now that I'm Mr. CB, I gotta know these things. Anyhoo, this hospital used to be all about the Jews, and being culturally attuned to their specific needs, but it's changed with the times and done what most hospitals in poorer neighborhoods do to survive - they've made Medicare reimbursements a key part of their livelihood. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. Except...

Their CEO made $4 million this year. Here's her $4 million mug shot:
So no, she's not getting the big bucks for her rare beauty. But what exactly IS she getting those big bucks for?

Turns out Kingsbrook has been downsizing, laying people off, shutting down wings...while the CEO pockets a ridiculous bevy of bonuses. The two are related, I'm sure. Boards of Trustees often reward top managers for doing the dirty work in times of trouble. But dang...$4 million? In this economy? At a hospital most people in Brooklyn have never even heard of? FULL STORY.

I'm no tea partier, mind you. But that story makes me wanna dump some PG Tips into the Gowanus, tout de suite.

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