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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quality of Life Squad for the 71st Precinct: Really? For Whom?

Flatbush Avenue, Parkside to Empire, is one sorry thoroughfare. If the garbage, drugs, speeding dollar-vans, crime and vacant businesses weren't enough to make you yearn for the 1970's, word on the street and via Black Star News says Jimmy Findley, longtime barber and owner of Diamond Cuts Barber Shop on Rutland, got his arm broke by the Quality of Life Squad of the 71st.
Black Star News alleges he suffered retribution for complaining about harassment by members of the QoL Squad. Here's the whole story via Milton Allamadi's muckraking zine: BSN STORY.

Lest you think BSN is just blowing off steam, Jimmy has been dealing the same story to reliable folks in the neighborhood as well. I'll look for comment from the NYPD, but I'm guessing they're response will not be "We're so very, very sorry to have overreacted with Jimmy. Sometimes when we cuff a guy we get a little rough; it's all the coffee, don't you know? We got him confused with this other guy, despite the fact we've seen Jimmy pretty much every day we've ever walked down the block. We're promising, in the future, to only bend citizens' arms at the elbows IN THE MANNER in which God intended."

I'm pretty new at this whole Safety/Sanitation thing, but has anyone even HEARD of the Quality of Life Squad? If it exists, I'd love to talk to them. I'll bet you would too. See you at the next 71st Precinct Community Council meeting, third Thursday of September! (and every month).

And hey, Jimmy. Feel better soon.

Kris Gounden gets the photo credit.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable.......The businesses cited in the article have always seemed stand up to me. The people running the show in Errol's on Hawthorne are awesome. I have been in this area for almost 9 years and I remember that there used to be much heavier foot patrols back in 04 and 05. Even half of those kind of patrols would make a huge difference. That kind of presence is all we need. Not shake downs on people putting in an honest days work.

Anonymous said...

This is a great example of the NYPD getting in the way of reducing crime in the neighborhood. Who are the residents' best potential allies in the fight against guns and drugs? The merchants. What's the best way to ruin any chance of communication with ALL of the merchants. Break ONE merchant's arm. I am very sorry to hear about this. But I am not overly surprised.

Mad Momma Carmen said...

Why doesn't this Quality of Life squad simply mosey on over to Ray's where the real criminals hang out and deal drugs out in broad daylight?? Seems their approach to our community's actual problems is to pussyfoot around them.