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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Workmen of August

Today on my way to work, I noticed two projects moving forward with gusto. Projecto Uno is the City's initiative to fix busted-up sidewalks, right here in Flatbush Heights (holy cow...that one could STICK! a cross between the 'Bush and Crown Heights! I'm in Pigtown heaven!)
If the City has threatened you with fixing the street FOR you (homeowners and landlords are required to keep sidewalks safe), you should take their threat very seriously. Our area is being jack hammered like crazy right now. More compelling, perhaps, is the below shot of either a) a suicidal squatter or b) a worker on my favorite neighborhood eyesore, 205 Parkside. I'm betting b), if only because the dude in the picture gave me a big smile when he saw me popping this picture. Cheese!

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Anonymous said...

"Flatbush Heights" is an oxymoron.

"Bush Flats" sounds good to me.