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Thursday, November 3, 2011

And now batting cleanup, PLG CIVIC, THIS SATURDAY!!

After the enormously successful PLG Cleanup day last spring, it's nice to see that the Mad Momma's at PLG CIVIC are planning another for this Saturday. This time, they've chosen a more centrally located meeting point (the Montessori School on Rogers near Fennimore), though Senator Adams' office on Flatbush will be open too for refreshments and, er, freshening up. Skei Saulnier, a primary catalyst for the event, says:
We are also trying to get wood chips deposited on the park side of 125 Ocean Ave, so if people want to grab some mulch to take care of a tree pit that will hopefully be available to them. We'd love for people to email me at if they plan on volunteering, just so we can have a contact info for those who helped.

They're focusing on Avenues and some seriously chronic trouble spots, so in solidarity with Occupy Trash Can, I'd like to share a couple photos I shot yesterday to show that the 1% are still greedily tossing their trash with no regard for the rest of us:

And for making it this far down in the post, a bonus pictue, of a lonely high heeled shoe left at the curb. I can only imagine what circumstance led to some poor lady or dragqueen leaving it there after, say, exiting a gypsy van?

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