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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Latest (Com) Post - and the Q ain't running right this weekend!

If you happen to have jurisdiction over a pile of leaves, please do the right thing and turn them into compost. Here's a flyer that tells you where and when to take them (this Saturday!). It's a nifty "urban farm" project, right here in the neighborhood, over at the campus of the High School for Public Service:

This is a very cool program that many locals volunteer for, and we'll be bringing them to the better attention of the Community Board to see if maybe we can help get them more resources, land, whatnot...

And don't forget that our beloved Q train is NOT running to Manhattan from the Parkside station this weekend. You have to get on it at Church or Prospect Park as it's only running express from Kings Highway to P-Park, city-bound.

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Anonymous said...

I would also suggest encouraging those heading here in their suv's and trucks with leaves to compost to offer to take some neighbors' leaves with them too. Most people here own cars but not everybody does.