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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Laurie Cumbo for City Council in the 35th District

I'll tell you more about Laurie as we get closer to the election. But of the six candidates announced so far (6!) Laurie would be getting my vote, if I lived in her district, the 35th (the area accurately called "Lefferts" is in the 40th). Not only do I know and dig her personally, but she started MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African-Diaspora Art) and turned it into a little powerhouse over on Hanson Place. She's smart, she's funny, she's savvy, she works hard and takes this town and the concerns of ALL its citizens seriously, and yes, she's got a kick to her, like the lady she's shooting to replace Tish James, who's now gunning for the Public Advocate job. The 35th district starts at Empire and goes North, so most of you won't have a chance to vote for her in September's primary (the only election that matters, since the Dems always take it in November). But if you DO live in her district, or if you have friends who live in Crown Heights and Ft. Greene, please let them know about tomorrow night's party for her birthday and fundraiser for her campaign. Go Laurie!


Bob Marvin said...

Is there any news about the 40th District? My understanding is that the present incumbent has lost some VERY important support.

babs said...

One can only hope, Bob - I know that he's lost all support from my neighbors on the block.

Bob Marvin said...

That's important support Babs (assuming any of them EVER supported the good doctor) BUT I was talking about IMPORTANT support [and no, I can't be more specific AND I don't have any magic source of information--just a chance encounter and long discussion with an especially significant local political figure who never actually mentioned the incumbent by name].

babs said...

I was going to say that I think I know who you mean Bob but I doubt you'd have run into him/her (let's be mysterious, shall we?) in the nabe. Well, then, that's even better!