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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nykki's Boutique

Cheryl Carty is Nykki. Or rather Nykki is Cheryl. No wait...Cheryl Carty is the dressmaker behind the shoppe. How'd I know that? I walked in, baby on board, and found out the whole scoop going on next to Scoops. Cheryl wanted to start a fashion store, she had a niece named Nykki, and voila -- Nykki's Boutique. The place has one of the most lovely signs on the Flabenue, a true original with an awesome font:

The combo of the Nykki's and Scoops signs make an awesome duo. Not so much the Jackson Hewitt tax sign, but two outa three ain't bad, as Meat Loaf reminded us.

If you haven't stepped inside, Cheryl's store is absolutely worth a closer look. All the clothes are handmade and designed by her - she can often be seen in the back working on patterns and sewing. She also curates a fascinating collection of handbags. (I'll be honest, I don't know handbags from handkerchiefs, but they sure are purty to look at). Cheryl went to F.I.T., lives on Fennimore, has been in biz more than 20 years, makes prom dresses and Sunday fashions. She's clearly very good, because she's always busy. Perhaps you wondered how she stays open with such slight inventory. Wonder no more - her big business is custom work. Still, there's plenty to look through, and I'm sure that hard-to-shop-for person on your list will appreciate a true original. Need a new dress? Why go to Target, TJ Maxx, Barney's or the Gem, when you can get something handcrafted and one-of-a-kind?

Cheryl of Nykki's. Another reason you live in one of the coolest neighborhoods on earth.

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ElizabethC said...

Thanks for doing this article! I love hearing about the small businesses along Flatbush. They are part of what makes our area unique.