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Monday, February 25, 2013

Parkside Plaza - One Step Closer To Reality?

It's hard to imagine a bright future for Parkside Avenue without renovating the Q station (on for this summer!) and making the plaza itself more inviting. After meetings with DOT to re-imagine said plaza, after the Parkside Prize folks submitted a proposal, we've seen what the future MIGHT bring. But a lot depends on how much support we'll have from the neighborhood, and to what degree people are willing to step up and help maintain the plaza. Luckily, we have our Parkside Prize winner In Cho on board to make some professional renderings of various scenarios, to whet your appetite. Rest assured we'll be looking for as many street trees as possible. But questions remain about seating options, planters, the cost of maintenance etc. And so we need as many people as possible to show up at the next meeting about the Parkside Plaza, at Play Kids next Sunday. We really want to know what you think, so we don't start sprucing it up without lots of input. If we build a nice plaza, there will be uses for it too. Farmer's market? Talent show? Communist protest? Communist Farmer Talent show? Whatever your thoughts, please join us.
  WHEN:  Sunday March 3 at 5pm
  WHERE:  Play Kids, 676 Flatbush
  WHO: You, most discerning blog reader

After this meeting, Rudy and his team will be going back to the Dept. of Transportation, to try to arrive at a final plan for amenities on Parkside. 

In's coming up with a new picture we can look at by week's end. In the meantime, let me share with you one of my many losing entries. I'm still kinda miffed I didn't take home the gold, but at least you can see what might have been:

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