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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Lefferts" Hit Hard By Health Hacks?

The Daily News reports that the Lefferts neighborhood has been smacked with more than its fair share of health violations. True? False? Filthy? Eat-off-the-floor clean?

I for one pay attention to the letter grades. Do you? Are they going over-the-top with the mop cops, such that rat stats are keeping coffers fat? Should they go easy on greasy eateries and speakeasies? And what EXACTLY is meant by "Grade Pending?"

Winston from Culpepper's gets a nice photo though:

photo by todd maisel

I'll be very curious to see how the numbers pan out after the Public Advocate's inquiry. Four-and-a-half hours sounds like a lot of time to be looking for vermin to me.


Mike H said...

Mr Q,

I believe pending means that the DOH did an inspection and the site did not pass. But the site has some time to remedy the violations, wherein the DOH where come back and give them a letter grade.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

I'd heard that too, maybe even wrote about it here. But that basically means that Grade Pending is the WORST possible scenario next to closing the joint down, right?

Mike H said...

Generally bad, but they could have been given a B and are holding out for that A

The Snob said...

There are plenty of reasons for bad grades that are not even that gross. Places that rely on steam table service -- ie, every Caribbean eatery I've ever seen -- are especially vulnerable to temperature-based violations. I take most with a grain of salt. Which is a natural disinfectant, right?

RKleege said...

I generally won't go near a place with a Pending rating, since even A ratings allow some pretty gross stuff to go on. We watched a waiter stomp a mouse in one place (not in Lefferts area) after ignoring a Pending and going in anyway. Last time I'll do that. Don't know which was worse--the mouse or the stomping waiter. A problem with the ratings is that they're very broadly defined, so it's really hard to pin down the reason.

Anonymous said...

Just last week, LPT Restaurant received an "A" rating. As a matter of fact, it's posted in the windows. Staff very happy!