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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

626 Flatbush - The Future Is Now

A Q-comrade sent a wonderful architectural design for the much ballyhooed residential project at 626 Flatbush. Lest I be accused of going all Orson Welles on y'all, let me add that this is ONLY a student project and not an actual rendering of the "War of the Worlds" project to be:

This vision of a vertical neighborhood comes to you from one Alejandro Garrido Perez, who imagines a truly space-age cum Brooklyn-age monster structure. Here's the rest of his design.

In related fantasy news, word has it a glamorous tapas style eatery will move into the commercial space at 626, designed and co-owned by famed restauranteur and jerk lover Danny Meyer. The chef will be Peppa, and the Michelin-starred establishment will be known as Danny and Peppa's*. It will look something like this:

* If you got the Danny and Peppa's reference, congratulations! You're now officially an old-timer!


Anonymous said...

I would have voted for the restaurant bein opened up with Brooklyn foodie impresario Saul Bolton, and being called "Saul and Peppa's".

Anonymous said...

I doubt Saul will want to have any involvement after finding out this is what he has the pleasure of looking at from his back window. I feel so sorry for people that purchased homes outside of the Manor. When I was looking I would not even dare look at a home unless it was on Maple, Midwood, or Rutland I or II. Too much risk of huge developments being built close to my backyard, no thank you.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Anon 6:59. Just a note to say that the Q is awestruck by your power of pun.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:32
Oh no need to feel sorry for those of us who live outside of the Manor. Many of us are very happy where we live.

Anonymous said...

" I feel so sorry for people that purchased homes outside of the Manor." Seriously, 10:32, don't feel sorry for those of us left out of your restrictive deed covenant. My entire mortgage is paid by my tenants.

Anonymous said...

Please don't think all of us inside the Manor boundaries think like 10:32. I love the architectural eclecticism of the non-Manor blocks and we know plenty people very happy to live on non-Manor blocks and who have beautiful houses. For which they didn't pay nearly as much! Are we really supposed to feel superior because some of us have potentially overpaid for where we're at? It's not like the Manor is in a different and better school zone. It's the same. We love our Manor block but because of our neighbors, not because we can feel superior about it being in the Manor. As for new developments, sigh, if we didn't want to even see any tall buildings at all we never would have moved to NYC. 10:32 is probably one of the luddites opposed to FIOS poles.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:32 wins troll of the day award!

Anonymous said...

I rather consider myself a NIMBY type of guy instead of a troll but thank you Anon 3:27 PM.