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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hawthorne Street Overkill

Granted you have to take the Q's word for it, for what was said by Deputy Inspector Lewis to him. I know a lot of readers felt that the number of cops seemed oddly disproportionate given the relatively mild crimes being pursued. BUT...Lewis says they apprehended a serial car thief who had been seen in the act. He fled. He was also called in as a "prowler" by others in the 'hood who didn't know what was going on, but saw the dude getting away and trying to hide. Cops followed, looking for him, yes, with guns drawn in some cases. Every cop car that wasn't on another job came to the scene - that was probably the result of the way the dispatcher described the scene. That kind of overkill happens sometimes when a grand larcenist gets seen "in the act." He was arrested.

What happened last night over at the Caton Playground and Argyle, well, other than knowing that Mathieu Eugene was seen trying to take advantage of a good photo-op, I don't know much yet. Any readers have an eyewitness account?

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Daniel said...

"Shooting/Stabbing. PD units rptg 2 people shot, ems requested on a rush. 1 perp in custody"