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Friday, September 6, 2013

Prowler or What?

Seems there was quite the kerfuffle last night on Bedford near Hawthorne. Details emerging; call in to the Inspector. Anyone got anything? 

Here's what the Q knows. That scene at Bedford and Hawthorne last night was about a prowler - and they caught the guy! Plum in the act. Due to 911 calls. Prowler. Now there's a word you don't hear nearly often enough. Thanks Vinnie for using the proper term! There was also an accident, but he doesn't think they were related.

According to commenters and a friend from across my street, that ain't the story. See the comments for details. Seems Vinnie didn't know what happened, and they shoulda told him, cause it sounded intense.  Not sure why he told me about the prowler though. Maybe info doesn't always get to him. Jack Lewis and I keep trading calls...maybe he has the story.

Martinos said that the shooting on on Flatbush was a 10-time arrested bad dude who got shot - looking for the shooter. Frankly, I didn't ask for anymore because it was clear it was more of the same thuggery. No one seems to be able to piece it all together, if there's anything to piece together.

Then there's the police action that's been happening on Flatbush and Rutland and around Ray's. Many people arrested...who knows how many will stay jailed, since it's notoriously hard to get narcotics offenses to stick.

There do seem to be more officers around, but it doesn't appear to be helping - yet. Next meeting with the D.A.'s to find out what progress is being made happening after the election.

The same evening, the following happened:

    Last night at approximately 6PM a SUV and a car collided at the intersection of Kingston and Eastern. The impact from the collision through the SUV onto the sidewalk on Eastern Parkway center mall and pinned a female against the pole and another female under the SUV. A male was also struck on the sidewalk by the SUV.  The two females were taken to KCH in serious condition and suffered very sever injuries but are expected to survive. The male was not seriously injured. Two people in the SUV were also removed to KCH in stable condition. At this time NYPD Highway investigators have done a full investigation at the scene and find no criminality. At his time it just appears to be a terrible accident. 
 The combination made it appear that doomsday had descended.

Anyone who has additional or contrary info, please comment!


mc said...

I find it hard to believe there was that much police action for a prowler. There were a lot of cops, multiple cars, cops on motorcycles, some plainclothes officers, and a helicopter circling overhead. I heard that 2 guys pulled a gun on a police officer which led to what happened last night.

Anonymous said...

We don't know any inside information, but we live on Hawthorne and this is what we saw:

A speeding car slammed into a parked car at the corner of Bedford and Hawthorne, the driver jumped out and jumped the fence at the southeast corner into a back yard. About 50 police cars pulled up seconds later, all the police jumped out of their cars with their guns drawn and half of them jumped over the fence and half of them ran up Hawthorne. It seemed like the guy got away, but then about 15 minutes later the police brought him out of one of the houses on the block in handcuffs. Before they found him there were helicopters, police were going door to door. It definitely seemed like something more intense than a prowler! There were 20 times more police than after a shooting on the block 2 years ago.

Hawthorne neighbor said...

I agree with Anonymous. I live at 150 Hawthorne and I heard the car crash and popped my head out the window. I saw dozens of cops walking down the street with their guns drawn. Police cars and motorcycles whizzed by blocking off Hawthorne Street at Rogers Avenue. Eventually, a police helicopter flew overhead lighting up the block. About twenty minutes after the crash, the cops came out of a row house with the perp in handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

So there are more details we weren't told. Ok. And STILL we haven't been told a thing about the shooting at or near the barbershop at Flatbush at or near Maple recently, even though a neighbor asked Officer Martinos outright for info on it a few days ago, on the Leffertswatch list. Can somebody learn something about that?

Anonymous said...

Also, the car crash at Kingston and Eastern is miles away and hours earlier, and wouldn't influence how serious the arrest seemed. The Hawthorne incident happened around 1:00 or 11:30. There was definitely a crash at Hawthorne and Bedford right then.

Noel Hefele said...

And... it seems like some shooting happened on Caton just now... "Brooklyn: Caton Ave & Argyle Rd NYPD on scene with 2 people shot in the playground Requesting a rush on EMS 1 Perp in custody 2 Other fled."

That is the helicopter tonight.